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Photography is my passion and client satisfaction is my main objective. I give a maximum effort to create the best souvenir items for the players.

Your objective, I'm sure, is to get quality photos at a reasonable price. I work with professional equipment. I use a portable studio with multiple light sources and backdrops. This allows me to photograph a sports subject and create a quality image. I can setup at one of your practices to take your photos. My advanced knowledge of photo editing tools such as Photoshop lets me add that final touch to a high quality product.

Ask for a meeting, we can discuss your vision, needs and budget. Together, we can choose an existing montage or create something completely different for your team. Don't look for PACKAGES! I don't offer any! YOU choose what products you want and I will propose a price.

The photo session($200.00) for a sports team is free with an order of products greaterthan $200.00.

I offer a variety of products;
   • photos(different sizes),
   • sports cards,
   • magazines,
   • albums,

What you get:
   • An initial meeting to choose or create the design for your team.
   • On site photo session with professional lighting.
   • A digital copy of ALL printed material you purchase.

Images created for all sports.

Sport images ALL sizes

Prices shown are by player.


Sport cards

Sport cards and bookmarks

Photo albums

Sport Photo albums

Magazines $35.00/player

Sport Magazines

Min 20 pages and 12 players

One magazine per player. Each player on a cover. One page per player inside(min 20 pages). Team picture on two pages. Coaches page with pictures and text. A blank page at the end for player messages and autographs.